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Latest revsion date of 11/11/2020
Welcome to the Le Chat Botté Guesthouse!
These house regulations give you an indication of how we would prefer you to handle the holiday home and the inventory. We have set some rules and we hope you will agree with them. If you adhere to these, you will help us to provide you and other guests with the best possible service in the future.
These house regulations are intended to provide you with a pleasant and trouble-free stay. It contains, among other things, information on telephone numbers of doctors, fire brigade, police and caretaker as well as information about the region.
We ask you to abide by the house rules that we have listed for you. We wish you a pleasant stay!


If you do not want to move the furniture between rooms, this can cause unnecessary damage and wear and tear to furniture and walls.
Please leave the protective tablecloth on the dining table.
We have taken care of a comfortable picnic table and garden furniture outside, we ask you not to move the furniture from the inside to the outside, this also applies to television and audio equipment. Of course you can eat outside and make use of crockery and cutlery.
Please do not open spaces that are locked with a key, the items stored in this space are provided for private use.
For the rest, you may make use of all items that are in or belong to the holiday home. In all the cupboards and drawers you will find a clear frame + photo that will help you to find your belongings and also to put them back. We ask you to treat the house and its contents with care, so that future guests can also enjoy this beautiful place.
There is wireless internet in the house, the use of the internet during the rental period is entirely at the responsibility of the tenant. All internet traffic is registered on our IP address, illegal downloading is forbidden.
Use only and always the linen used to cover the beds on arrival. Should you fail to do so, the cleaning costs of pillows, duvets and mattresses may be charged.
Please do not throw any object or substance into the toilets that does not belong there. (nappies, sanitary towels, even mini's or tampons, but also no fat and food.
Ovens, refrigerator and freezer are left behind neat and tidy by the tenants. It is forbidden to use a fryer or gourmet in the house. No grease residues are ever poured into the sink or pouring out trays.
Please make sure that the dishes have been rinsed sufficiently in advance so that no food remains in the dishwasher. Please leave the barbecue in a clean state.
At departure all dishes have to be done, we also ask you to empty the dishwasher and put everything back in the cupboards. Don't forget to tidy up or take your food with you.
Please do not park vehicles that suffer from oil or coolant loss on the property, which can be parked on public roads. Costs of cleaning up oil or coolant will be charged.
No more people may use the holiday home than indicated in the written confirmation of the booking. In the event of an infringement, access to the holiday home may be refused. The holiday home may never be sub-rented.
If you rent the house for a certain period of time, it is assumed that you and the group will use the house during that entire period. The tenant remains the main person responsible for the holiday home during the stay and must inform his or her co-inhabitants of the rules.
The owners are authorised to put an end to any stay if the group is clearly intolerant or does not respect the rules of life and good neighbourliness, without reimbursement of the rent paid.
The owner may at any time enter his property to check the indoor installations, heating, maintenance of the lawn and this without the tenant's permission. The owner is obliged to respect the privacy of the tenants.

Rental deposit

The hirer pays a rental deposit of 250 euros before he is allowed to use this property. The security deposit is paid together with the remaining amount one month before the start of the rental period. If no damage has been done, this rent guarantee will be refunded by the landlord within 2 weeks after the rental period.


Because electricity and water are included in the rent, we ask our guests to treat this as a good house mother or father. The house is heated with electrical appliances. Please check each time you leave the house that all heating elements are switched off and do not leave them on for an unnecessarily long time. They are real energy guzzlers.
If you leave the holiday home in the meantime or when you leave, remember to close windows and doors carefully at all times and set the central heating to a lower temperature.
We ask renters to sort their waste properly.
Paper, cardboard, PMD, residual waste and glass in the bins / bags provided.
We provide these bins and rubbish bags.
Household waste and glass must be taken by the tenant to the container 400 metres from the cottage.

Rules of conduct

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the holiday home. If you smoke outside, please throw the cigarette butts in the ashtray provided.
Animals are admitted. However, this must be notified in advance to the manager.
Respect the outdoor vegetation, do not light fires, set up tents, windbreaks are strictly forbidden.
The holiday home is not rented out for bachelor parties.
The additional number of hours of cleaning due to an abnormal level of dirt or disorder will be charged at 30 euro/hour and deducted from the deposit.

Fire protection

The domestic fire regulations, the position of emergency exits and fire extinguishers are checked before the house is put into use.
In the laundry room there is a printout of the floor plan on which the emergency lighting, fire detection, fire extinguishers and emergency exits are located.
The stairs, corridors and doors must be kept clear in order to allow quick and easy evacuation of the building. Inner doors leading to an emergency exit must not be closed or obstructed.
There is a first aid kit in the house.
Own electrical appliances must be technically sound and must not overload the electrical installation.
There is no fixed telephone in the building, so it is advisable to carry a mobile phone. A list of necessary and useful numbers is included in the house rules.
Keeping fireworks in the house and lighting fireworks around the house is strictly forbidden.
Lighting candles in the house is not allowed, only those we provide with the holders are allowed.


Please inform us as soon as possible and within 12 hours in case objects from the inventory are missing. Let us know if you need help. Our telephone number is available in the holiday home, so that we can quickly resolve any imperfections. We are also at your disposal for any questions about the house or about excursions.
No one will deliberately damage anything in the house, yet it can happen to anyone that something breaks. We would very much appreciate it if you would report any damage to us quickly so that we do not discover it until after you leave. The house will be checked for defects and missing items before new guests arrive, as they too should be able to enjoy a comfortable holiday.
The renters are liable for damage caused by them, fellow renters or guests. Costs for this caused damage will be deducted from the deposit.
The owner is not responsible for accidents inside and outside the holiday home.
The hirer is jointly and severally liable for all loss and/or damage to the holiday home, the garden and its furnishings (inside and outside) if this is the result of acts or omissions by yourself or by third parties who are in the house with your permission.

Swimming pool

In accordance with French law, we have installed lockable cloth so that the entrances to the swimming pool can be closed off. However, this can create a false sense of security. NEVER leave small children unattended at the pool. Parents (tenants) remain responsible for the use of the pool in all cases. The homeowner can therefore not be held responsible for possible accidents. If children use the swimming pool, ensure permanent supervision.
1 x per week the maintenance man will come by to clean the pool. This takes about half an hour. He may not be denied access.
Every day, a wireless robot cleans the pool between 07 & 09 in the morning or between 22 & 23 in the evening. It is allowed to swim in the pool during cleaning.
Please store all pool toys daily. Everyone likes to start a day at the pool where everything is clean and tidy.
The pool is heated by the sun. This means that only in the summer months the temperature rises above 20°.
The swimming pool is available from 15 April to 15 September. Outside this period the pool can be opened on request.


Dispose of waste in the appropriate containers.
Empty refrigerator and freezer compartment .
Do the dishes and do not leave any crockery on the sink.
Clean sink, sink, hob, oven and microwave.
Take off and fold sheets and leave towels on the floor in the bathroom.
Fold up the duvets and put them on the foot end of the bed, 1 underside remains on the pillow.
Fill in the inventory / guarantee form.
Place all patio chairs around the table.
Turn off the heating.
It is best to carry out the above tasks so that you do not incur any additional costs. Any subsequent damage, lost material and/or costs will be deducted from the deposit. The remaining amount will be refunded to your account within 14 days.
Final cleaning is €105 per house and is compulsory. This amount is added to the total price.


The person letting the mooring accepts no liability whatsoever for personal injury and/or theft and/or damage to the tenant's/user's property, incurred for whatever reason.
Use of the infrastructure is at the user's own risk. When leaving the house, all doors and shutters must be closed, as well as at night and when you go to the shop or the beach during the day. When sitting at the swimming pool it is advisable to lock the kitchen door at the back of the house.
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